Exciting News! From the stables of BWBMart. Now EdTech.

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Hey there, imagine this: BWBMart, a place that started by selling stuff online, now helps folks like you get smarter and more successful. Let me break it down.

Evolution Unveiled: BWBMart’s Journey from Selling to Empowering

Once upon a time, BWBMart sold things online for businesses in Africa. But a magic moment happened in July 2022. It was like a light bulb turning on during a cool masterclass organised by the United Kingdom’s Department of Trade and Investment. Suddenly, BWBMart saw the world differently and realized it could help people in a totally new way.

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A Big Switch

By 2023, after checking out the Nigerian elections and thinking super hard for seven months, BWBMart said bye-bye to just selling stuff. Instead we decided to start get into education and help out. We started with online education for tech students. Then we graduated to more traditional universities in Europe. Before we knew what was happening, it worked!

Helping You Win at BWBMart

Now, BWBMart does three cool things:

  • In the first instance, we help Nigerian students go to cool universities in Europe and Northern America and earn higher income working for them than their mates who only settle for part time jobs when they migrate.
  • Secondly, we help teachers from all over the world to be awesome teachers, especially if they want to teach English as a second language in other countries. Such countries include Spain, Thailand, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Guatamala and Peru.
  • Lastly, we help freelancers and folks who work for themselves meet the requirements to immigrate as digital nomads to countries that gives them the opportunities to become permanent residents for those who want longer stays. And to those that just want to travel the world.

Who Can Join BWBMart?

Anybody who wants to learn and grow can join BWBMart’s gang. If you’ve got a college degree or maybe a couple of years of experience, that’s cool. But even if you don’t, as long as you’re super keen to learn, we’ve got your back!

The Awesome Journey Ahead

The shift from to using our awesome services isn’t just a fluke. It is a total game changer! BWBMart is all about making your life better, helping you to get access to quality education, and let you shine like a superstar.


BWBMart’s makeover from selling stuff to education is like a superhero upgrade. It’s all about giving you the power to rock your world, learn new things, and be your best self!

So, what are you waiting for? Let BWBMart be your sidekick on this awesome journey to greatness!

Ps: We just changed our logo. See post.

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