2024 ESL Teachers: Teaching Opportunities In Suzhou With Unparalleled Benefits

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In 2024, ESL Teachers are wanted in schools in Suzhou with unparalleled benefits. Would it be you?

Are you an enthusiastic educator looking for an extraordinary teaching experience abroad? BWBMart is offering an incredible opportunity to teach English in China to students aged 12-15 in classes of 25-45 students each, with teaching hours totaling 20 per week.

ESL Teacher Position Details:

  • Working Hours: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • Teaching Hours: 20 hours per week
  • Students’ Age: 12-15 years old
  • Class Size: 25-45 students per class
  • Perks: Free lunch and provided accommodation

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Lesson Preparation: Craft lesson plans and gather necessary materials before each class.
  2. Classroom Management: Engage effectively with students while maintaining discipline.
  3. Parental Engagement: Provide timely feedback to parents post-classes.
  4. Team Collaboration: Exhibit a positive work attitude, teamwork skills, and occasional collaboration with other departments.


  • Experience: One year of teaching experience preferred.

Benefits Offered:

  • TEFL Program: Access to free TEFL training (with TEFLUK accreditation).
  • Meal Coverage: Enjoy complimentary lunch.
  • Accommodation: Provided housing or housing allowance.
  • Support & Training: Comprehensive orientation, ongoing training, and living assistance throughout your stay in China.
  • Time Off: Paid time off in addition to Chinese national holidays.
  • Assistance Package: Support in setting up essential needs (bank account, cell phone, etc.).
  • Specially Selected Experience: Curated cities and schools to ensure a fulfilling teaching experience.
  • Legal Working Status: Secure a legal working visa.
  • Continuous Support: 24/7 living and teaching support within China, even without proficiency in Chinese.

Join BWBMart’s teaching program for an enriching experience in specially chosen cities and schools. Gain cultural insights, refine teaching strategies, and impact young minds while enjoying comprehensive benefits.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Apply now and become part of an inspiring educational endeavor in China!

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