Gates Cambridge Scholarship: How to Make A Difference

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Are you ready to take the first step toward a transformative experience? The application process for the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship is your gateway to an exceptional academic adventure. Furthermore, let’s walk through the key requirements and steps that will guide you on this remarkable path.

Step 1: The Application Form

To begin your journey, navigate to the University’s Graduate Application Portal. Here, you will submit your application for admission and funding, including your application for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Step 2: Admission Section

In this crucial section, you will apply to a specific graduate course and secure a place at one of the University’s esteemed Colleges. Share your academic background, aspirations, and your suitability for the chosen course. Your story begins here.

Step 3: Funding Section

This is where you unlock opportunities. You can apply for various funding options provided by the University and affiliated institutions, including the renowned Gates Cambridge Scholarships. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Gates Cambridge Statement: In approximately 500 words (3,000 characters), elucidate why the Gates Cambridge Scholarship aligns with your aspirations and how you meet the four main criteria. Find detailed guidance on completing this statement at This statement is pivotal; it sets you apart as a candidate who not only excels academically but also embodies leadership and a commitment to improving lives.
  • Research Proposal (PhD Applicants Only): If you’re pursuing a PhD, you’ll need to submit a research proposal as part of your funding application. While most PhD applicants will include this in their admission application, those who don’t must provide it to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. If your degree differs from a PhD, there’s no need for a research proposal in your Gates Cambridge application.
  • Gates Cambridge Reference: Alongside your two academic references for admission. You must arrange for a reference that specifically addresses how you meet the scholarship’s criteria. Your referees will assess your intellectual ability, your choice of course, your dedication to bettering lives, and your leadership potential. They will also rank you for the scholarship and provide insights into their assessment. This reference carries significant weight in the selection process.

Selecting Your Gates Cambridge Scholarship Referee

Choosing the right referee is vital. They should be someone of authority who can speak confidently about your attributes. Also, grasp the competitive nature of the Gates Cambridge program. Your referee should have a deep understanding of the University of Cambridge’s academic standards. They should also know the Gates Cambridge Scholarship’s selection criteria.

Common choices for referees include current or former academic advisors who know you well, current or past employers, or senior figures from organizations where you’ve volunteered. While some applicants ask one of their academic referees to provide the Gates Cambridge reference, it’s essential that this person can comprehensively address your personal qualities in line with the scholarship’s criteria.

Important Considerations for Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Here are some crucial points to remember:

  • Your Gates Cambridge referee should be well-informed about the scholarship, especially its selection criteria.
  • Encourage referees to use specific examples to illustrate how you meet the scholarship‘s criteria.
  • Stress the importance of keeping the reference focused on the Gates Cambridge criteria rather than repeating a standard or previous reference.

Submission Deadline for Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Also, Timeliness is key. Ensure both your academic and Gates Cambridge referees submit their references by the specified deadline. This is to avoid any complications in your application process.

In conclusion, Your journey begins with this application. However, The Gates Cambridge Scholarship could be your ticket to an extraordinary academic pursuit. Best of luck on your path to making a difference in the world!

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