Global MBA Program: Exciting Opportunity To Study in Spain

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Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey of a Global MBA education and career prospects in Spain? Well, look no further, because the February 2024 application window is wide open, and the opportunities are boundless!

global mba

Application Time is Now

Right now, in this very moment, you have the chance to apply for an amazing business school in Spain. The clock is ticking, so don’t wait!

Your Path to Quick Admission

Imagine this: We’ll be your guiding light in this exciting venture. Our team will work diligently to secure you a spot in a prestigious business school faster than you ever thought possible. Just make sure your documents are in order, and we’ll handle the rest.

Affordable Education Awaits

Worried about tuition fees? No need to be! Spain offers affordable tuition rates, making high-quality education accessible to all.

Flexible Payment Plans

To ease the financial burden, you can start with an initial deposit and spread the remaining balance throughout your school year. Your financial well-being is our priority.

Work While You Study a Global MBA

Here’s an extraordinary perk – you can work up to 30 hours per week in well-paying jobs. This extra income can help you cover your expenses and enrich your experience in Spain.

Secure Your Future with a Guaranteed Recruitment Partnership

Before even setting foot in Spain, you’ll have the opportunity to establish a guaranteed recruitment partnership. This means you can earn a remarkable $120 for every recruit, exceeding the minimum wage.

Post-Study Work Visa and Work Permit

Spain has your back. After completing your studies, you’ll be eligible for a 1-year post-study work visa, along with a work permit. This valuable document will be your ticket to finding permanent employment in Spain.

Extra Financial Support for Students

Wait, there’s more! We’re offering an incredible $200 student credit to help you with your supplies and expenses. This benefit is available to all admitted students who commence their classes in Spain after the first month.

Reach Out to Us Today

Excited yet? If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to call or WhatsApp us at 0903 915 1191 or call us on 9179638698 . We’re here to assist you on this exciting journey of education, growth, and prosperity in Spain. You can also contact us here.

Remember, your dreams of studying in Spain are closer than you think. Act now, and unlock the doors to a brighter future. Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers.

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